All works of history are written by people. While this seems to be an obvious statement, it is also one worth bearing in mind. People approach everything — their private lives, their work, their hobbies — with their own slant and their own preconceptions. Book-writing is no exception to this rule. History is about the interpretation of events and movements and, while historians generally attempt to be objective, they also aim to argue something with everything they write.

To that end, every work of history can be criticised in some way. Criticism does not mean that a book is bad or worthless, but readers and students of history should know something about the provenance of the books they are reading.

What follows in this category are reviews of historical works, some new and some old, with the aim of recommending works to read or works to avoid, as well as an overview of the usefulness of some of these sources.

In this series:

First World War historiography


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